Colegio de San Juan de Letran HIGH SCHOOL is a Dominican institution of teaching and learning that offers secondary education towards the Integral Formation of the SQUIRE, our students as knights-in-training who are imbued with living faith (DEUS), with a sense of civic responsibility (PATRIA) and with passion for the (LETRAN) culture of excellence and leadership.

Filled with the ARRIBA spirit towards 2022, We shall raise the awareness, efforts and standards of LETRAN BATAAN HIGH SCHOOL AS A REPUTABLE SCHOOL OF QUALITY SECONDARY EDUCATION

  • that is centered on CATHOLIC faith-life,
  • that is compliant and competent in teaching and learning, based on impactful research, and dedicated to empowering community service,
  • that forms LETRAN SQUIRES of civic valor, of moral integrity, and who are ready for learning, for leading, for living.


Admission Procedure & Requirements

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We envision the graduates of High School to be:

  • life-long learners
  • raised in Catholic faith and morals
  • global and digital literates
  • multi-lingual communicators
  • endowed with 21st century knowledge and skills that are nationally certified, and qualified for further tertiary education.