Spirituality - Love of God

Our strong faith in God and filial devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary give us an unbreakable bond that unifies us. We are vigorous in adhering to truth. We recognize the principles of the Catholic Church to be the basis of our integrity, ethics and morality

Patriotism - Love of Country

We are committed in assisting the nation by sharing our intellectual capabilities. The passion to serve the depressed and deprived sectors of the society is over-flowing in our spirits. Social awareness and responsibility always exist in the mainstream of our thoughts. We understand the importance of fellowship and charity among individuals and thereby promote cooperation and harmony toward a progressive community.

Letranism- Love of Letran

We desire for excellence in every discipline, as we pursue knowledge and wisdom. We ascertain the efficiency and effectiveness of our scholarly yield given available resources. We value our investments as these can give opportunities for growth and prosperity. We offer competent and remarkable services to our clients surpassing all challenges and expectations that constantly flourish in the academic environment. We believe in the visionary leadership of our stakeholders that they may spread the ideals of the Colegio and give the best in all our endeavors.