The Department of Student Affairs (formerly OSACA) is responsible for the implementation of programs on student’ discipline, recognized student organizations, and campus publications. It also responsible for the recruitment and development of Student Assistants and to provide health services to students and employees. The office also serves as the Colegio’s center of cultural activities that will enhance and showcase the skills of students and employees in speech, acting, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, painting and mounting productions. It is also tasked in providing activities for the formation of students to become dynamic leaders and builders of community.


The Department of Student Affairs contributes to the academic mission and provides comprehensive student services. OSACA enriches student learning though leadership, service, engagement, and self-discovery resulting to integral community. To accomplish this, we will:

  • Lead the campus in providing purposeful programs and services that address the holistic development of the students;
  • Identify and respond to students’ needs with personalized student services;
  • Create and maintain a healthy and safe environment that supports and sustains recruitment, retention, and student success;
  • Cultivate positive relationships among students, faculty, staff and the broader community;
  • Link curricular and co-curricular learning experiences;
  • Establish high values that promote civic responsibility and mutual accountability; and
  • Foster an inclusive and diverse community where civility and respect for each individual are valued and expected.

Specifically, the Office of the Student and Cultural Affairs shall:

  • Organize and supervise student organizations;
  • Ensure discipline among students;
  • Promote responsible campus journalism;
  • Secure health services of the Colegio;
  • Recruit and develop student assistants;
  • Develop and implement sports development program;
  • Develop programs that will promote awareness and appreciation of different art forms;
  • Showcase talents of both students and employees through artistic and cultural presentations.


We envision a Colegio where students, faculty and staff embrace an inclusive learning community with respect, responsibility, and acceptance for all. Students will be engaged in their transformational journey to develop self-confidence, a sense of purpose, resiliency, critical thinking, and active citizenship. Graduates will make meaningful contributions to a global society through character, competence and integrity. They will make ethical decisions and be committed to a life of service and leadership.


Because students are the most important part of what we do, we value the following:

  • Excellence
    We believe excellence is achieved through collaboration and innovation. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our organizations, and the professional development of our staff.
  • Integrity
    We model integrity by upholding the highest standards and principles that guide our profession—demonstrating professionalism, ethical conduct, and accountability in all programs and services.
  • Leadership
    We prepare Letran students for the leadership roles they will assume in our global society. This is accomplished through intentional learning, sound academic inquiry, and active reflection. We provide opportunities to develop the leadership competencies that will allow students to create meaningful change in their respective communities.
  • Empowerment We enable students to take an active role in influencing institutional, local, national and global matters. We empower them to advocate for themselves, their community and the rights of others.
  • Integrated Learning Learning is a transformative process that integrates knowledge and experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. We facilitate and encourage experiential learning, cultivate the arts, and embrace new technology—making every experience a learning opportunity.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity Student learning occurs best in communities that value diversity and inclusion. We strive to create and support an inclusive community that encourages civility, compassion, discussion, debate, and expression where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.
  • Total Student Experience The collegiate experience has a unique way and significant influence on personal growth and development. We are committed to the development of the total student in all aspects of intellectual, personal, and professional growth in the environment in which they live, learn, work and play.


The Department of Student Affairs concentrate on the areas as provided in CMO 09 series 2013 or “Enhanced Policies and Guidelines on Student Affairs and Services”


  1. Information & Orientation Services
    • Student Care Center
  2. Student Handbook Development


  1. Student Activities - supervision, recognition and monitoring of Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) and their activities.
  2. Student Organizations and Activities - recognition/accreditation supervision and monitoring of student groups, including the evaluation of their activities.
  3. Leadership Training - programs and opportunities to develop and enhance leadership effectiveness in the personal level and student organizations (e.g. RSOne : The Letran Student Leadership Developmental Program)
  4. Letran Student Council (LSC)
  5. Student Discipline - judicious implementation of institutional rules and regulations governing student behavior and conduct. (e.g. Board of Discipline)
  6. Student Publication - THE SHIELD.


  1. Scholarship and Financial Assistance
    • Rector’s Scholarship
      Letran provides an opportunity for the academically outstanding students to pursue their education and this is part of Letran’s commitment and dedication to academic excellence.
    • St. Thomas Aquinas Academic Scholarship
      The Academic Scholarship Program provides a competitive, merit-based financial assistance to the students of Letran who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement.
    • St. Hyacinth of Poland Athletic Scholarship
      The Blessed Antonio Varona Ortega Athletic Scholarship aims to mold individual athletes to become spiritually, morally, psychologically, intellectually and physically healthy for active athletic competitions. It is designed to help financially incapable students to pursue a career by giving them quality education while pursuing excellence in sports.
    • St. Rose of Lima Student Assistantship Program (SAP)
      The St. Rose of Lima Student Assistantship was established to enable the students who are financially handicapped but deserving and intellectually capable pursue their college education. Letran provides the needy but deserving undergraduate students an opportunity to acquire a college education by hiring them as Student Assistants of Letran.
  2. Student Housing and Residential Services
    • San Juan Macias Dormitory
  3. School Clinic
    • Health Services

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Department of Student Affairs (DSA)

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