Institutional Strategies of Letran


         Formation is essentially connected with people who are responsible with the process. In line with this, the Colegio focuses its strategies on the three basic areas namely: witnessing, service and human resource.

         Quality results require quality strategies. Strategies should be the best the Colegio can offer. These strategies are: 

Quality Witnessing

         The Colegio’s primary mission is formation of students. Effective formation requires quality witnessing from formators. In the Colegio, these formators are the faculty members, the non-teaching staff and the administrators. The formators themselves should be able to portray what the Colegio wants its students to be. 

 Quality Services

          Services are the activities that the employees do to facilitate the attainment of the Colegio’s institutional objectives. The Colegio offers three basic services, namely: managerial, teaching and support services. Teaching is at the center of these services. Managerial services provide direction, system and procedures and management among others. Support services provide assistance to both. 

            The Colegio puts premium on quality in all the services it provides. It demands quality from its administrators, teachers and non-teaching staff.

  Quality Resources

         Quality witnessing and quality services will be greatly enhanced by quality human resource. Quality human resource focuses on the development and is solidly anchored on spiritual development. 

         The Colegio also desires the continuous improvement of its employees’ professional knowledge and skills. 

        The Colegio continuously looks for means and ways to improve the salaries and benefits of its employees.

 Quality Facilities

        As the Colegio continuously improves its human resource, it also improves its facilities. Quality facilities help the human resource performs his tasks better. 

 Quality Systems Policies And Procedures

        The Colegio strives to upgrade its policies to provide more stability on its operations and its procedures to have a more effective and efficient system.